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A Texas personal injury law firm you can trust when you need an advocate on your side

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Courtney Dibrell Graham & Family

A Texas personal injury law firm you can trust when you need an advocate on your side

A fourth-generation Texas attorney and native of San Antonio, Courtney Dibrell Graham has a passion for representing unjustly injured Texans and a proven track record helping clients gain the crucial coverage to which they are entitled for the medical costs and other damages they suffer. Dibrell Graham Law focuses primarily on complex and catastrophic injury cases and offers comprehensive legal services. The attorney at Dibrell Graham Law are trained to be effective and efficient.

At Dibrell Graham Law, our entire team is dedicated to providing unparalleled client service and accessibility throughout every stage of the legal process. We care.

Our clients

We proudly represent injury victims located throughout Central and South Texas, including Bastrop, Austin, Selma, La Grange, Elgin, Lockhart, Giddings, Columbus, Buda, Kyle, New Braunfels, Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Kenedy, Laredo, and their surrounding counties.

We’ve worked with clients injured under a wide range of circumstances including in catastrophic collisions and other auto accidents and on hazardous premises, helping them obtain medical care following their injuries and dealing aggressively with insurance companies on their behalf. 99% of our cases settle before trial.

Our process

From the moment a client engages our services we take every measure necessary to ensure that their needs are met, guiding clients throughout each of the following steps:

  • Intake form/consultation – In our initial meeting, we’ll examine the details of a client’s case, establish their goals and needs and evaluate the strength of their claim honestly. We only take cases we believe are strong enough to reach a client’s objectives.
  • Contract execution – Once the client decides they would like to move forward, we draft a contract that formally establishes our attorney/client relationship and outlines the terms of our services.
  • Preserving evidence – Gathering and ensuring the integrity of evidence is crucial to any personal injury claim. We’ll move to acquire all evidence available including police reports, medical records, photographs/video footage and witness testimony. Often, we will hire an expert immediately to take measurements and to perform a vehicle “black box” download and reconstruction.
  • Contacting insurance – Particularly with cases resulting from traffic collisions and other accidents, we’ll reach out to the appropriate insurance companies to set up and file a claim.
  • Coordinating medical treatment – We support clients in seeking medical treatment for their injuries as quickly as possible and coordinate obtaining coverage for the costs throughout the course of their case. If you can’t afford medical care, we can help.
  • Settle or file lawsuit – Depending on the other party/parties involved in the accident, we’ll strive to work toward a settlement whenever possible—but won’t hesitate to file a formal lawsuit if necessary.
  • Litigation/mediation – Using the appropriate legal tools for the case, we’ll go through mediation and other pre-trial techniques to reach a settlement before going to trial.
  • Trial – We represent clients tenaciously in court when a settlement cannot be reached, giving them the best chance at a favorable judgment. Although 99% of our cases settle before trial, we’re ready, able, and willing to hold insurance companies accountable in the courtroom.

Contact us today for help with your injury case

If you have been seriously injured in a catastrophic collision or other accident in South or Central Texas and need help navigating the legal process, reach out to Dibrell Graham Law today. We’ll help you get the compensation you deserve.

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